First of all, I hope you have read "Read before you buy!". This is a good introduction to this chapter.


1. We deliver the purchased goods as soon as possible. In practice, this means that goods are sent out of stock usually within two working days of posting the payment (but we reserve the right to ship within 14 working days - see "Regulations" due to- "Read before you buy!") Please note that some product descriptions contain information about extended delivery times. Often, "Product available on request" also appears. It means that it may not be in stock and then we have to do it - depending on the complexity of the product and our presence in the workshop, its production may last from several days to several months. But beware, it may also be that the product you wanted is the one we currently have and we will send it quickly. Always seeing the information "Product available on request" ask us about its real availability.

2. Deliveries are made with the participation of the following carriers:

a. Poczta Polska (registered priority letters, "packages +" for customers from Poland and foreign economic ones for customers from outside the country).

b. UPS, DHL, DPD couriers and, at the client's request, also others (only for Polish customers).

c. InPost parcel machines (only for customers from Poland).

3. The prices of deliveries from individual carriers are displayed after choosing the payment option while processing the order. In order to calculate the total delivery costs, our system is based on the price lists of individual operators - we are not responsible for changes in their pricelists (for example, that once you paid X PLN for shipping does not mean that after six months for the same thing shipping cost will not be X + Y PLN, due to the price increase for a given operator).

4. The date of delivery of goods by the operators results from their internal regulations and usually is 2-3 business days for Polish customers and 7-8 for foreign customers, but we are not responsible for any delays caused by their fault (you know how the Post Office works ...).

5. In order to facilitate the delivery, please provide the contact telephone number (for the courier and for us if we have to ask something before shipping) and correct shipping addresses (preferably specifying what is the street name, what name of the city etc. if orders they are submitted with the omission of the order form. Contrary to appearances, this is not always obvious, especially in the case of foreign orders).


1. Payments in the store can be made using three methods:

a. by making a traditional transfer to the data provided in the form when choosing this payment option.

The data is:

Joanna Żurek

Wola Zabierzowska 198

32-007 Wola Zabierzowska

NEST bank PL51 1870 1045 2078 1074 1326 0001


b. by quick PayPal internet payments - according to the rules of their system.

c. by payment cards through the PayPal system - in accordance with their regulations.

2. It is also possible to pay on collection (also personal) after prior consultation with us by email or by phone (setting the time and place).

In case of any doubts, please contact:

tel. 792 72 60 72, for English (+48) 604 168 588