Due to the too much work, the order fulfillment and shipment time is longer than usual. Once again, we also sensitize to writing inquiries about the availability of products before purchasing them - the website is out of date and we do not have time to update it on a regular basis!

We apologize for inconveniences!

Read before you buy!

First of all: thank you for interesting in our products! Secondly: there is some information we’d like you to know, before you buy our things:

[a shortcut for the impatients: ALWAYS ask about product availability before you make a payment!]

1. (The most important) We travel a lot! And during those travels we usually don’t have the best connection to the Internet to check if we have new orders from our customers or not. And even if we do, there's no way we can send you something while being far away from the warehouse.

2. On any circumstances, please, don’t make money transfer before getting from us information that we’ve got items you’ve ordered! And I mean real information, not that stupid auto-message which is sent automaticaly every time you click "buy" button. Not that our messages are not stupid, but you will know it's really us when we write to you directly with your name.

3. If we’re not responding for few days (one or two) after you make an order on our website, it probably means that- look at point 1. Then, please, write an email to us directly on . If we’re on one of our trips you’ll get automatic information when we’ll be back so you can decide if you can wait for us or not.

4. Because of “Point 1” our website might be not up to date in all points. For example you may find on our website an item you like to buy, but after our coming back from some kind of historical event, we can be sold out of it and need some time to make a new one. In the other hand, when you meet us “live” with our store on medieval tournament or market we may have things, you won’t find on our website. It’s because we need some time to actualize the site and not always have it, between one trip and another. So, as mentioned above in point 3: it’s always good to write an email to us and ask, if we have the thing you like (especially when you saw it “live” but can’t find on the web).

We’ll try to actualize our website during the autumn but, please, be patient. Sorry for all inconveniences and hope you understand our way of work. In the end, we’re all reenactors looking forward for historical events!

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